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Joseph Dempsey

Born: About 1799 In Fincastle, Virginia, Botetout County

Death: 1880 In Logan, West Virginia, Logan County

Burial: 1880

Marriage: About 1826 In Logan County, Virginia

Father: John Dempsey

Mother: Rachel Solomon

Spouse-1st: Alena Vance "Sena"

Born: 1791 At Vancebottom in Russell County, Virginia



Father: Abner Vance "Reverend"

Mother: Susannah Howard

Spouse-2nd: Louisa Gillespie

Born: Apr-1844 In Kanawha County, Virginia

Death: 1901 In Holden, West Virginia, Logan County

Burial: 1901

Father: Robert Gillespie



Sarah Ann Dempsey "Tena"

William Anderson Dempsey

Sophinony J. Dempsey


Mary Manerva Dempsey

Information Source

1860 Logan County, West Virginia census list Joseph Dempsey and Alena (Vance) as living in dwelling # 315. Joseph is listed as 61 years of age, and Alena is listed as 71 years of age.

Some of the above information was recieved VIA e-mail from Hollye Burgess a decendent of Joseph Dempsey.

Some of the above information is from the personal research of Timothy G. Vance.

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